Roo Attachments is an Australian owned company that designs, engineers and manufactures top quality Excavator Attachments and Loader Buckets.

Our attachments are utilized in construction, agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, and mining industries around the world.

We supply a range of Excavator Attachments for all machines from 0.8T up to 120T

We own our own manufacturing facility in Xiamen, China.  It is completely Australian owned and directly managed by us with our Australian management living permanently in China supervising the factory.  We manage the purchase of the steel plate to ensure we use only high quality steel and the correct Bisalloy grade steel in all the critical wear areas.  Our manufacturing facility is fully integrated.  We have a modern laser cutting machine, hydraulic press, CNC lathes & Milling machines, and a stringent quality control process around the manufacturing and welding of the attachments.