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Roo Attachments Stick Rakes

· The Stick Rake is ideal for fast clean-up, vegetation management, sifting soil/rocks and removing unwanted shrubbery and overgrowth.
· Features curved tine design for maximum breakout force and ease of materials handling.
· Tines made from BIS400 to prevent bending and minimise wear.· A range of overall widths and tine spacings are available.

1.5T - 1.8T attachments

1.5T – 1.8T Stick Rake

2T - 2.7T attachments

2T – 2.7T Stick Rake

3T - 3.5T attachments

3T- 3.5T Stick Rake

4.5T - 5.5T attachments

4.5T – 5.5T Stick Rake

6.5T - 8T attachments

6.5T – 8T Stick Rake

10T - 14T attachments

10T – 14T Stick Rake

16T - 17T attachments

16T – 17T Stick Rake

18T - 23T attachments

18T – 23T Stick Rake

24T - 29T attachments

24T – 29T Stick Rake

30T - 36T attachments

30T – 36T Stick Rake

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